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Tender (2019-Ongoing)

This ongoing series explores the feeling of being wholly vulnerable and open to one's physical insecurities in a neutral and trauma-informed setting. All subjects are volunteers. Many have never been comfortable in front of a camera. Some have experienced eating disorders, body dysmorphia, sexual trauma, and substance abuse. This project is a glimpse into what it means to be human in front of a camera, facing our oldest fears head-on.


To further prepare for this on-going series, I chose to partake in a course on trauma-informed photography, in order to utilize the most appropriate process throughout the sessions and focus on reducing the probability of re-traumatization. Before each session, I took the time to sit down and speak with each individual about their relationship with their body: how they felt about themselves, their biggest insecurities, what they felt comfortable doing that day. Unlike past works of mine, this series was completely un-posed, and followed a much more candid technique. To preserve the honesty of the series, all images have remained un-retouched.  ​


Through Tender, viewers explore the complexities of identity and remove pre-conceived notions that one subconsciously has when viewing such a diverse group of subjects. Each person’s story is unique. Although these subjects come from different backgrounds, all have one thing in common: the goal to become more comfortable within their own skin, along with encouraging others to begin a discourse surrounding body image.

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