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Hi, I'm Hannah!

Here's a sneak-peek of my life...

To me, there's truly nothing more rewarding than helping others fall in love with themselves and their own stories. We all hold beauty within ourselves whether we're aware of it or not: I just have the honor of helping you discover it.

I'm Hannah Colen, a Washington,D.C.-based photographer. I'm an artist, dog mama, and mental health advocate! I also work as a social media marketer when I'm not taking photos.

I pride myself on going above-and-beyond with my work: everything I know today has been built on a foundation of years of passion and love for photography. I'm so enthusiastic about my work that I usually begin editing immediately after a shoot! I guarantee you that you won't have to wait more than a few days for your finished product. 

I love working with all types of individuals: from out-and-about businesses, to shy first-timers, to graduating seniors. I'm very much a people person! To me, this is a moment where mutual trust is established in order to create beautiful memories. Allow me to capture the small details of yourself that you normally don't notice.

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